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Originally Posted by alatar
And of course I would disagree with that, though at this point I cannot even remember the original poll, let alone the question being asked.
As I said, I consider that these types of poll can be of value, but that there value will depend upon the size and nature of the sample. And you are quite right. I should also have included the range and nature of the choices given as a further factor in determining their value. Taking these factors into account, I think that it can be possible to draw conclusions (albeit sometimes tentative ones) from them.

For example, with specific reference to the poll that I linked to, one can, at the very least, conclude from it that a sizeable majority of those Downers who responded (and therefore had an interest in, and a view on, the issue) were of the opinion that the meaning of LotR was to be found in the reader's experience rather than authorial intention (or any of the other given choices).

Originally Posted by alatar
Who can argue with the author?
A loaded question, if ever I heard one. However, I will content myself with pointing you in the direction of the Canonicity thread and the poll thread that I linked to (if you haven't already read them).

Originally Posted by Fea
Since Tolkien didn't write anywhere the exact words "Okay guys, pay attention now: Eru is God.", it's really no skin off my nose whether he is or isn't.
And even had he done so, it does not follow that we would be obliged to accept it.
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