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Bethberry, I put two chimneys:

One is to a large hearth, shared by the kitchen and the hall, and one to a smaller summer hearth on the back wall, to be used when the outdoor heat means patrons are not interested in additional heat from the chimney.

I meant I need more chimneys in that I did not design the Hall with any chimneys or fireplaces at all in the residential wing, and while small coal braziers, wood-burning stoves small enough not to need a chimney, and bed warmers could easily have been used to augment heat in those rooms, they surely wouldn't be enough for comfort in a harsh winter.

Also, chimneys are very difficult to route to several fireplaces unless those fireplaces are on top of eachother, and such ductwork would vastly increase the risk of fire.

Honestly, my solution to this problem will probably be to add a few random chimneys to the roof of the residential wing, and let each player decide whether the placement of the chimney and of their room means they likely have a fireplace. Remember that even if your room doesn't have one, the presence of a chimney in the wall will warm your room a great deal (even if you were never particulary chilly to begin with.

As for the outer appearance of the building, consensus seems to be that it is constructed partially of stone, and the rest made up of half-timbered wattle-and-daub walls. (Wikipedia has some excellent articles describing both these terms) My husband has been putting at least one window in every room for light (He gave Eodwine a double window, but everyone else's is identical.) He plans to draw these as glazed windows, but with small panes in a diamond pattern. Objections? We hadn't considered shutters. What do you think? The bold line around the outside of the lot was intended to indicate a wall for security. Do you agree that there should be one? How tall? This wall was incorporated as the back wall of the stable, which is, in our current version, a fairly simple building, almost a lean-to, open in the front with vents for light and air circulation between the top of the wall and the roof. Neal has the roofs patterned for wooden shake shingles. Objections? Suggestions?

Please by no means regard this plan as final! Please give me suggestions for improvements, and with Lmp's approval, I'll edit the plan quite cheerfully! I just felt that the confusion as to who was where and how they got there could be remedied by some common idea as to where the rooms are in relation to eachother, and I don't mean to force my own mental image of the building on the rest of you. I don't want this to be a unilateral project, I want this plan to be a collaborative effort.
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