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Rudy liked the rain. He never understood why everyone else seemed to hate it. Rain was refreshing, the drip-drip-drip on the rooftop was quite relaxing, and it was cooling. In fact, as long as it wasn't ice cold rain, Rudy could not think of a reason to dislike rain.

Rudy woke up to the fine smell of bacon cooking. He loved bacon too; it was his favorite. His younger sister, Mira, always was a great cook. That was a good thing, because Rudy never was much of a cook. He knew how to cook eggs, but that was about it. Before Rudy found out there was another cook in the family (his mother, Rosemary, was another good one) he was forced to make his own meals. Eggs are tasty, but when you have to eat them two or three times a day, they lose their appeal. Rudy tried to make bacon once, but that didn't turn out so great. Two of the pieces were still raw and had a rubbery texture. The other two pieces were charred and tasted like ear wax.

Mira made great bacon; she really made great everything, but bacon was Rudy's favorite. It has been a while since Rudy has had any. The last time Mira made bacon she ended up asking Rudy if she could cross the Brandywine and go all the way out to Woodhall to see some friends. That was a little over three months ago. At times Rudy felt bad for Mira, how she is couped up at their house in Crickhollow. She has to get out, and be on her own, eventually...right? No, she's still far too young. What really made Rudy say yes was the bacon. By now Mira definitely knew how to get a "yes" out of Rudy. There really is no harm in travelling through The there? As long as she never asks to go parading though the Old Forest; no amount of bacon will get him to say "yes" to that.

Then it suddenly hit Rudy: 'Oh no...the bacon...what does she want this time?' Rudy didn't bother changing out of the clothes he slept in. He went racing out of his room, but stopped when he saw Gaffer Hugo in the kitchen with Mira.

“Oh, can you take me to Brandy Hall to visit Tansy? I haven't seen her for so long!”

"What's this!" Rudy exclaimed. "Brandy Hall? Visiting Tansy? How can you ask such a thing from the Gaffer? Mira you should know better. You will have to excuse her, Gaffer, sometimes she forgets her manners."

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