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Peony had reached the house before Mira caught up with her.

“Peony, dear, I want to talk to you,” Mira addressed her in a very cheerful voice, trying not to act suspicious.

Peony stopped on her doorstep and regarded her cousin carefully. She was glad to see Mira, but her mind raced with all the thoughts and plans for the adventure.

"What can I help you with, Mira?" Peony asked, trying to hide her excitement.

"Well the main thing, is I have to admit that Rudy has been rather tiresome of late," Mira had thought she could use that as a starter. After all, Peony had often laughed with her about Rudy's protectiveness, "so I'm thinking I might want to have a bit of fun. Like an adventure"

What is Mira getting at? Peony's excitement turned into a cold chill. Did Mira know something? Would she give Tansy, Bunny, and Peony away if she did?

"An adventure?" Peony hoped her voice didn't sound as nervous as she felt. "There have been no real adventures in these parts for ages, what put such an idea into your head?"

Mira hit her first wall. She was expecting it, but how was she supposed to deal with it?

"Okay, I'll admit, um..." Mira got flustered. She should have thought before commiting herself so far. Oh well, here goes, "I happened to overhear you girls talking just now, and I was wondering if I might come along?"

Mira twisted her face up in a little hopeful question.

"Don't think I'm too young! I won't be any trouble, I promise!" Just don't ask Rudy to agree with that statement, she thought as she peered into Peony's face.

Mira was still in her tweens. How could Peony even think of allowing her cousin to go with them? If something happened Rudy would never forgive her. Peony wanted nothing more than to decline Mira.

Yet she held back saying no. Her brothers had kept her from adventures and such. She couldn't do the same to Mira. Besides, she was a trustworthy lass.

"Alright, but I've got a job for you to do. Keep everyone distracted tonight while I gather some supplies."

"Oh wonderful! Thank you so much!" Mira felt a great urge to give Peony a huge hug, but thought better of it quickly, as she wanted to act older than her age. "I'll do anything to keep them distracted, if I have to commit a murder to get there attention on me." Rats, she thought, just said something stupid. Oh well.

Peony laughed and put an arm around Mira's shoulder. "Come on, we'll go inside. If we stay out here much longer everyone will get suspicious. We'll talk a bit later about this adventure."
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