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Gaffer Hugo had listened to Rudy in silence, sometimes watching his grandson's face, sometimes looking down at the always grinning Snatch whose head he was still scritching. When Rudy finally subsided into silence, Hugo considered his next words.

"Well, Rudy, seems to me Mira's goin' to get her way this time, specially with these other young lasses to bolster her will; and all that's left for you an' me is to come with an' make sure they don't do somethin' foolish or dangerous or both, if you take my meaning."

Then a twinkle came into his eyes and he met Rudy's glare.

"So you don't think there's any of these Ents either, eh?" Hugo chuckled. "Well, I think it'll most like be good for Mira to get out an' see the world a bit, even if it's naught but a corner of the Shire. The King's peace has been good, an' it's not like there's ruffians waitin' just outside the nearest village. So I'm thinkin' I'd like a little adventure meself before these old eyes close for the final time. What do you say, Rudy? Shall we make game of it?"

"Let me sleep on it and I'll tell you in the morning," was Rudy's answer.

"Fair enough, then! G'night to you my wee grandchild!" Hugo said with a grin, for Rudy "towered" over him by at least four inches, Hugo having shrunk wtih age some time ago.

"C'mon, Snatch! Let's go an' see how soft Melilot's beds are, eh?" Snatch paraded happily alongside his master as they passed Rudy, as well as the waiting lasses who tried not to appear anxious for his approval.

"G'night, ladies," was all he had for them, and then shuffled into the house and the back rooms and to bed.

"At least even some Bucklanders have sense enough not to have a second floor on their house," he murmured to himself as he tucked himself in with Snatch cuddling close by.


Come morning, Hugo had had himself a most cozy rest, as had Snatch, and they got themselves up and out of bed to see what was what in the kitchen.

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