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"Idiots," Pimpi placed her hands on her shapely young hips, and rolled her eyes (large, blue, sparkly, you know the routine).

"I beg pardon," Earnur raised an eyebrow.

"It's a tombstone," she pointed with one hand, shaking her head. "Much like the tombstones of my parents at the Elven Farm. I spent many a day weeping and picking bird droppings off of those monuments, so I'd know what they looked like. This, I am sure, is one of the very same things. It has that 'look' about it."

"What look?" Merisu wrinkled her forehead and peered at the stone suspiciously.

"Oh... somber, meaningful... deadish," Pimpi shrugged. "Look, there is writing carved upon it."

"What does it say?" asked Soregum.

"Valiums, I don't know," Pimpi gave him an sideways look, afraid to make eye contact, suspiciously remembering some sort of meaningful fixation which had happened in a drugged up state. "I've never seen such odd script. And I read Vogie's poems."

Orogarn Two burst impatiently, "Then what in double-M do you mean by standing forward and calling use 'idiots'?"

"I was just trying to clear up the matter of the rock and the ground and all that," Pimpi flashed her eyes unguarded upon Orogarn.

"I know a headstone when I see one," Earnur put in. "I did, after all, refer to it as such if you would just scroll up and—"

"Enough," Merisu interrupted. "let us concentrate on the matter at hand. What does the tombstone say? Are there any who can decipher the strange runes?"

"I think it says 'Eat at Morey's'," suggested Kuruharan. "Morey is a cousin of mine, full name Moremerean, finest Dwarven Chef since—"

"I think," Vogonwë spoke up, overpowering the Dwarf with sheer height, "that whatever it says, it must form a rhyming pattern of AABA."

"You wouldn't know a rhyming pattern if it reared up and bit you on the nose," opined Orogarn Two.

Vogonwë sputtered but could not come up with a suffcient comeback before Merisu steered the conversation back to the stone. "Think, people... well... things; if it's a tombstone it must say something about the deceased party involved. Something such as 'Here lies Dumdum, son of Yumyum, son of Oink, Lord of Morona'. So at least one of these words is the name of said corpse."

"And why do we care again?" asked Leninia, where she stood to the side touching up her nails.

The Itship and their fair leader fell into silence, pondering this question. Earnur finally burst out babbling something pertaining to dead creators and feverish Entish scholars and fried green manuscripts. Yet, once he subsided, it was Grralph who happened upon a clearer answer:

"Because Ricky and Gucyberry ditched us in a broken time-space continuum, and we're bored and in need of a way to pass the time, such as it is?"

"Right," nodded Merisu. "Good enough reason as any. "
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