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Done at last, done at last, brothers and sisters, we're done at last!

(Except for Mith and Thena, those louts. )

Thanks Esty for starting these RPGs. They were much fun, even though we at times needed cattle prodding to post.

Like Kuru, I marvel at the many years we've spent on the two stories. I'm getting all nostalgic now for characters such as Halfullion and Earnur Etceteron (and his sarcastic horse and foul tempered sword) and others that left us long ago.

I still remember the very first thing I ever wrote for the Revenge of the Entish Bow. It was Vogonwë's "Ode to a Hair" poem. The rest of the post was written around that. I still think it was the "best" Vogy poem I ever managed.

It's been fun.
All shall be rather fond of me and suffer from mild depression.
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