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Great to see all the Bios done. I was thinking of how we should have the first posts ordered.....I think myself and Tansy should be first so that we meet and start to get ready to leave, then I think we could meet the little family, which is Hugo, Rudy and Mira correct? What about Michael? will he be visiting with Tansy's family as well? Or was it Brown? LOL sorry getting a little confused.... Then Peony will be the last? I may have mixed up Michael and Brown, who is the family friend and who will we be meeting a bit later? Once this is worked out we can begin.

I am having a Halloween party tommorrow so I don't think I can get my post done till at least Monday, but I figure we can use the weekend to get this straight and start the week off with our starting posts.

Let me know what order everyone thinks they should go and where they will be in order for us to meet them. Also I think we may need to do the posts one by one at first to make sure they all fit and we don't use another character unless we have to. Then after we all meet and get going, it will be free posting.
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