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Originally Posted by Tar-Verimuchli View Post
The Silmarillion just says that Ibun and Mim are captured by orcs while looking for roots away from Amon Rudh then doesn't mention Ibun again apart from Mim's statement to Hurin when they meet in Nargothrond that he is the last of his people. In The Children of Hurin, Mim and Ibun deliberately betray the outlaws to the orcs who insist on holding Ibun hostage and are said to have no intention of keeping their side of the bargain. Mim then tries to kill Beleg at Amon Rudh but Ibun is not mentioned. The Unfinished Tales skips the events at Amon Rudh. It's reasonable to conclude from the Silmarillion and the Children of Hurin that the orcs hold Ibun hostage away from Amon Rudh to make sure that Mim keeps to his side of the bargain then kill him after the sack.
I see, however, that doesn't change that he died during the Sack of Amon Rudh, just not directly at Amon Rudh. If I worded the questions so that it asked whether both sons had died surrounding the events of the Sack of Amon Rudh, it would be a lot clearer, however, would make it too obvious.

Either way, the intended lie was that Bilbo told 5 riddles, as "What is in my pocket...?" is not a proper riddle.
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