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Originally Posted by Tar-Verimuchli View Post
As the last lie and truths has been answered by person who wrote it, here's one on Children of Hurin.

1. In his later writings, Tolkien considered making Sador one of the druedain.
2. Turin's sword, Anglachel, forged by Eol from a meteorite, is given to him by Thingol.
3. Turin's sister, Urwen, died before his other sister, Nienor was born.
The second one is a lie. Anglachel was given to Beleg Cuthalion by King Thingol, but in a tragic turn of events, Turin slew Beleg with his own sword, thus leading him to keep it, until it was reforged in Nargothrond as Gurthang.

I would say that Anglachel wasn't Turin's sword, but Beleg's. Turin merely kept it, and used it, but it became his own when it became Gurthang.
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