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I also had a Turin dream!

I dreamt that I was in the Fellowship, and we ran out of Moria, except that we were all Men! We ran for quite a while, and suddenly, the character I was became Turin, and I became myself sitting on a stage, listening to a woman tell about the Tale of Turin.

The woman started singing Harvest of Sorrow by Blind Guardian, and then I started watching the Tale of Turin unfold, but slightly adapted.

Turin was a horseman with a white horse. After leaving Moria, he robbed three men and gave the money to a peasant girl (probably Niniel) [he was part Robin Hood when he did this].

There was also a witch in a small cottage instead of Glaurung, and she planned their falling in love and used all her potions to somehow make it happen.

That's all I remember, and it was odd.

Ohh, Ka - The Gandalf had white robes with black lines streaked across them.
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