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okay then.

I had this poster on my wall of Orlando Bloom making a fist that I saw before I slept. It is not LoTR related in any way , however, in my dream, I woke to find I had pointy ears and was , in fact, an elf. The radio was going mad explaining how my school was basically under attack by Orcs, goblins, and perhaps other wicked things. Suddenly, Legolas came out of my poster in some wierd light and spoke to me. I don't remember his exact words, but they were to the effect of, we gotta go save your school. So, the scenery changes and I am at my school. All the ditsy girls I hate were in a frezy, which was amusing, but my friends were also in trouble. One of the said to be evil teachers at my school was holding her own with the axe rumored to have been at her desk. She was kicking butt I tell you!!!. Legolas was shooting his bow as I bore a sword for fighting and I was doing good. At the end of it all, Legolas and I stood on the red carpet and were handed a soccer trophy. Go figure. After that I believe he kissed me. (yes, tee hee, have your laughs at my fandom) Then, he and I floated back into the poster together as my friends watched in awe and in the poster was a group of huts on a tropical island and my friends were suddenly there and some random native was playing a (ukelailee?) can't spell. Anyhow there's my very random dream.
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