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Originally Posted by blue View Post
Hmm! Well, I'll have to go back an look, then. I'm probably misremembering but I thought Saurman'd started down the wrong path with the palantir connection with Sauron, though I'm not sure when that could've occurred - prior to the jaunts Gandalf took during the Hobbit to thwart Sauron/Necromancer or after.
As I understood it, Saruman's corruption started before he got connected to Sauron via Palantir. It began when he learned enough about the true nature of The Ring and came to the conclusion that it can be found and used. He started desiring it. While he was not totally corrupt at the time of 'The Hobbit', he was already turning aside from his mission and, yes, delayed the attack on Dol Gudur under one or the other reason until Gandalf went there and proved that the Necromancer was Sauron. Then the attack was launched with his consent.

However, before he began chatting with the greater S, he was still able to return back to his path, but then he got trapped - all this happened a bit later as far as I concerned. Due to this reason, I wouldn't really mind such an interpretation, that at the time of 'The Hobbit' Saruman was still a noble wizard. Or may be he just came into temptation and desperately fought it. All that could make it more interesting, than just another battle.

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