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Eodwine - same day - noon

"Whoa there Léofric," Eodwine grinned. "I've not seen you drink anything beside water for months, and now you're cup is half empty! Eat some food or you'll be sleeping the afternoon away! We still have some of the animal pens yet to finish."

Eodwine gave a strong pull on his own mug of mead and was pleased himself with the effect.

"I don't think Frodides, Kara and Ginna need a fourth pair of hands," said Rowenna over her smaller cup of strong drink. "Maybe I could help you speed the work."

Eodwine considered as he tore a chunk of black bread from the loaf before him. "What think you, Léof? Could we use an extra pair of hands?"

"Um, yes I guess. Maybe I'll have another o' these firs'."

Eodwine grinned. "I think we'll be needing that help, Rowenna. Go make sure Frodides can spare you."

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