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The fellow who had just stood up looked as if he was about to pitch over onto the ground, and Crabannan nearly rushed over to hold him up, when the drunk man caught himself on the table, and held on for dear life. Crabannan smirked. The Rohirrim certainly liked their ale...though, from the look and sound of things, this man was unfamiliar with the drink. He shook his head. Eorling ale was as potent as any he had ever tasted.

Crabannan looked from the drunk man to the others and back again. Ah, awkward, he thought. Fate must have a sense of humor. He smiled a crooked grin and wondered if he would be acknowledged. Perhaps this wasn't a good time. Perhaps they hadn't even heard him...and then he could just slip away unnoticed.

Besides the drunk fellow and the man who he though must be the eorl, there were three others about the table, standing and sitting. With nothing better to do, he now took the time to look them over.

One (Harreld) was very tall - taller than all the others. He wore a smith's apron and though he seemed reserved, his size and obvious strength gave him an intimidating appearance. Crabannan chuckled. He looks like the big cook I fought in East Emnet, he thought, remembering the kitchen knife in his leg and the cook unconscious on the floor.

There was another, lesser in height than the smith, but with broader shoulders - and this fellow, Crabannan realized, bore a remarkable resemblance Javan. This, of course, was Thornden, and Crabannan correctly surmised that he was Javan's brother.

The third was a woman. He found himself staring a bit, for she was beautiful. Indeed, extraordinarily so. A trifle showy, Crabannan mused. Still, she must have a very happy husband - perhaps even one of these fellows here. The thought made him glance about to make sure he was not receiving any glares.

This all passed through his mind in a matter of seconds, as he absently shifted his weight from foot to foot, trying to make up his mind whether to stay and see this meeting through, or to stroll off while he still had the chance.
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