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Anybody who's seen Wheel of Fortune will be familiar with the category where they take two phrases and run them together, for example: "Coffee Break A Leg" from "coffee break" and "break a leg".

This is the ME version! The asker will hint at the phrases and then it will be up to you to come up with the combined Phrase. Here's a rather silly example for you to see how it works:

Q: Mirkwood, ancestral home of the Took family.

A: Greenwood the Great Smials

Okay, here's the first question:

It took Oin to Cuivienen.

Good luck!


*Note* Phrim helped me very much with this game *bows to Phrim*. I came up with the idea, and the clue to the answer of the first question... but the clever phrase that results is entirely his. *Round of Applause* Muchas Gracias.

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