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NAME: Hugo Chubb

AGE: 100

RACE: Hobbit

GENDER: male

WEAPONS: Pipe, walking stick, and a spanking new corn cob pipe.

APPEARANCE: Thick gray hair, though thinning on top. Eyes are blue-green, a little milky with age. His face is not much wrinkled, for he like any sensible hobbit has stayed in love with his vittles. His cheeks are red as apples and are quite as round as apples when he smiles. He tends to have black soot smudges on his hands, fingers, and face from his pipe. He is 3'6", which is not as tall as he once was, having reached a height of 3'9" in his hayday. He wears a maroon waistcoat complete with gold pocket watch inherited from his father, Hillebrand (Hilly) Chubb. His shirt is yellow and his trousers are green.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Hugo has a weakness for Old Toby, and has been trying to smoke a pipe ever since he turned 20 ... with no success. He can't keep the thing lit. He hates bitter juice that collects in the stem after a good try at a puff but he just can't give it up. He is quite serious about his pipe smoking, and can't make sense of why everyone else thinks it funny. Other than in matters of the pipe, he is a jolly old soul, given to laughter, likes a good story especially when well told, and is good for a joke; even at his own expense. He has had his share of tragedy, having lost his son Sancho thirteen years ago, and his daughter Rosemary twenty years ago, and his wife, Ruby Gamgee, just ten years ago. Since then he has doted much on his grandkin, not playing favorites but delighting in the particularities of each one.

HISTORY: Born in 1447, Hugo Chubb led a typical hobbitish life as a drover. By this means he got to see much of the Shire, satisfying his mild wanderlust while having a secure home base to return to in Frogmorton. There were always many goods to be carted from one place to another, and lots of interesting talk to be had along the way, not to mention many good alehouses along the way where Hugo Chubb became known and liked by most every goodhobbit. It was as a successful drover, passing through Hobbiton, that he caught sight of the beatiful blonde haired Ruby Gamgee, still unmarried and out of her tweens, youngest daughter of the Mayor himself. Two good families were joined, and the issue therefrom were many and healthy: eight in all. Six survived into the year 1547, taking up their lives in various farthings of the Shire. It was the deaths of his son and daughter before their time, and the death of his wife (11 years his senior) that turned him a bit wistful - melancholy, some call it. So for the last ten years he has been wandering from son to daughter to son as the whim took him, and thus kept up with his grandkin whom he befriended, in spite of them laughing at his pipe.

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