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Ring In danger of going off topic and Gollum

I think we're in danger of going off topic, in terms of (enjoyably) discussing the previous careers of the actors in the Jackson films...

The Sixth Wizard, I found what you said here interesting:

Remember that some people actually thought the Gollum scene in AUJ was the lowlight of the film. They said it was too boring and out-of-character for Gollum. Of course, most people thought it was the only redeeming feature of the film. I personally think the scene translated the less menacing Gollum of The Hobbit very well given his character in the LOTR films.

The problem I had with the portrayal of that scene was, like with everything that happened inside the Misty Mountains, that it was far too bright, making things not scary enough. This was made worse by this brightness making me think that Bilbo could see the Ring fall from Gollum; so he knew it was the latter's property all along...
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