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Originally Posted by jallanite View Post
Im sorry, but if the hobbits, dwarves, and wizards dont exist, then neither can their ideals, except as fictions by Tolkien.
Why? Why their ideals can't exist in real life? Haven't you seen people like the characters in LotR? I'd be very suprised if you say "No". At many points I identify with these characters, have seen others too. How can their ideals and thoughts be alien to you?
Also, I rather dislike the term spirituality. It has so many different and conflicting meanings. See . However I think I get what you mean. Basically I have encountered numerous cases of supposed Tolkien fans who are morally garbage, though others who are very much not. I have not found that a supposed belief in Christianity matters much.

I know and respect some people who greatly dislike Tolkien and want nothing ever again to do with some who claim the opposite. And I admit I may be misled in arriving at some of these evaluations. Basically you have probably found by now in this forum that being a professed Christian confers no status.
I don't understand what's there to dislike in the term "spirituality". It might have different meanings--there should be. And yes, I understood from the start that to understand LotR you don't to be Christian, but morally good. I also said how a non-believer with a glance declared the books "crap". It was all because *my experience* and was true. Though I'm proved wrong here, and am glad for that.
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