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Lalwendė is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Lalwendė is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Hmmm...apparently you subscribe to the school of warfare that holds one should fight one's wars with an eye toward making happy and accommodating one's enemies. I'm afraid I don't agree with that.
I don't get how you infer this. I am simply asking whether it is right to keep a large population of people in such a situation.

The way you talk about her implies too much nobility to her motives. To hear you speak, it almost sounds like you think she was some brave political activist engaged in a life-and-death struggle attempting to overthrow the cruel regime of Comrade Stalgon. This was not the case at all. She was a silly, empty-headed little nitwit who had no higher aspiration than to go a-Maying at the most inopportune moments.
If only it was so interesting. Alas, Aredhel is simply doing what someone would have wanted to do anyway. 100% loyalty can never be expected, and there will always be someone who wants out. It is one of the first principles of management that you should never expect everyone to always follow the agenda, because people just aren't like that. You have to plan for that eventuality and Turgon did not. Or perhaps it was a cath-22 situation from the beginning, as let someone leave and you risk them revealing the location of the place but keep them in and they could foster revolt.

Maybe Turgon did not know his sister all that well, as she had been accustomed to hunting and riding with Feanor's sons while in Valinor. If he had considered this he may have discouraged her from joining them. Even so, its likely someone else would have wanted to leave. That's just life.

The security of Gondolin meant that there was nothing to assess. Some things are non-negotiable. Turgon politely informed Eol of this at the beginning. Try to think of it as Turgon extending a courtesy rather than giving an order.
Simply by not assessing the situation he increased the risk factor for Gondolin. It's not always clever to be inflexible.
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