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Originally Posted by alatar
You just know that in all of these tales that chaos has to enter the picture sometime, as what's the point? We could read endless pages where nothing of import happens in Gondolin, then after the War of Wrath Turgon and company could poke their heads out of their shells and go back to the West.

There's an exciting read.

Paradise, like the rest of the universe, succumbs sooner or later to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It's like holding your breath; you can give in sooner and breathe normally, or hold it as long as you can, then finally be forced to breathe and so have to suck wind to catch back up.

Well, I suppose that we could say that we wouldn't even be discussing the motivation of Turgon if Gondolin hadn't been destroyed. It might just be another footnote in HoME. And I wonder if this would have been the case if Aredhel had been stopped from leaving? I have to say I'm still suspicious that someone else would have tried it. But putting that aside for now as it's going around in circles and I guess that Kuruharan and I shall have to agree to disagree, there's another question. Was it Aredhel's mishaps that were the catalyst for Turgon's fame?

What I'm getting at is that we all like to weigh up our heroes, but without the people who do foolish or evil things, what heroes would there be?

That's why even though I think Gil-Galad was the best King in moral terms, I find Feanor the most exciting; he was the one who added most value to the story for me, because he did the wrong things in spectacular style.
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