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Originally Posted by Legate of Amon Lanc View Post
Just in regards to the amount of posts per day - you will see after, say, a year has passed. When I joined, I usually posted quite a lot, feeling like an overflowing kettle suddenly in an environment where I can let the steam out. Then I calmed down, settled down and it became posting on a regular basis, often, but more posts only when there was something really interesting (and that said, often there was). Lately, I must say, I haven't been around as often, so also my post count has probably dropped... It is obvious, as a new member, that you will have very high post-per-day count, but believe me, it will drop. Hopefully you'll find yourself still full of energy and posting also as the time passes.

As for Fonstad's Atlas, I've had it for years and it is very good. She tries to work as close to the sources as she can, taking really the scientific approach (it was supposed to be her own scholarly publication, after all); that said, LOTS of the maps just have to be based on guesses (e.g. the big 1st Age/2nd Age maps, Valinor - an essentially unmappable place anyway - or then some of the maps of the journeys). But she usually points that out herself in the comments, where she isn't sure. In any case, the Atlas is a very, very good source and very reliable, unlike some other stuff (the infamous Bestiary by David Day comes to mind).
I have heard of the Bestiary by David Day. On the topic of lore fails, Shadow of Mordor. By Eru, that is just blegh. What a relief that they aren't calling it canon, as that would likely cause them to be stoned.

I usually find that immediately after joining, posts aren't that often, but will soon speed up to become a few a day, but slowly drop down. The purpose of posting once per day is to stay involved in all of the discussions and community, as well as staying active.
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