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Boots The Draft Rules

Behold my fiendish creation: Dueling Wizards, Deadthread Werewolf!!!! *dun dun dun dun*

What follows is a stripped down version of the draft rules, removing a lot of the usual minutiae, but I fear it is still kind of lengthy.

There is a Good Wizard and an Evil Wizard. They are the driving force of much of the game. They are the only two roles that are assigned by me at the start of the game. They cannot be killed by normal means; they must be killed by each other in a Wizard’s Duel (which should be thought of as being pronounced Weeeeezaaard's Duuuuel in a ridiculous high-pitched voice) in which both of them will perish. They will stay in the Dead Thread after death. They have no special ability to communicate across the barrier of death.

The game commences and the Wizards begin their picks on NIGHT 1. Wizards make their selections one at a time. The Evil Wizard and the newly minted werewolf cannot make a kill on NIGHT 1 but the newly minted Gifted can begin performing their function immediately. If the Good Wizard and the Evil Wizard pick the same person (including on NIGHT 1) the picks are both nullified but that is all. The pick target does not die nor are the Wizards made aware of each other’s identity through this action. The picks in this game are limited and do not replenish. Once the number of picks available to each Wizard is expended there are no more.

There is nothing in the rules necessarily saying that the Wizards have to keep their identities a secret, but at some point in the game the other side has to kill them so they should probably keep their identity hush-hush for as long as possible.

Good Wizard – The Good Wizard creates the Hunter, the Ranger, and (at least) one Visitor. The picks do not have to be made strictly sequentially. On NIGHTS when a Gifted is not created the Good Wizard may scry the role of a player. The Good Wizard is informed of the role of the target exactly. If the Good Wizard picks a wolf for converting into a Gifted that pick is deterred but the Good Wizard keeps that pick for future use. It is not lost. If the Good Wizard scrys the Evil Wizard, the Good Wizard is informed of the identity of the Evil Wizard. The Good Wizard is never in direct communication with the Gifteds, nor are the Gifteds ever in communication with each other. The Good Wizard may send messages via the mod while alive to the Gifteds but may not share the Gifted’s identities with each other. This is RPed as dreams so will occur during the NIGHT phase. If a Gifted is killed and the Good Wizard has expended all three picks in creating Gifteds, that Gifted cannot be replaced.

Evil Wizard – The Evil Wizard may pick 3 wolves in total during the NIGHT. The picks do not have to be made strictly sequentially. On NIGHTS when a wolf is not created the Evil Wizard may scry the role of the target in quest of finding the Good Wizard. That is the only information that the Evil Wizard will find out. If the scry target is a Gifted that will not be revealed to the Evil Wizard. If the Evil Wizard picks a Gifted for converting into a wolf that pick is deterred but the Evil Wizard still keeps that pick for future use. It is not lost. If the Evil Wizard scrys the Good Wizard, the Evil Wizard is informed of the identity of the Good Wizard. The Evil Wizard and Wolves are able to PM each other during the NIGHT phase. Their identities are not secret from each other and there are no re-conversions from one side to the other in this game. If a wolf is killed in the game and the Evil Wizard has expended all three picks in creating wolves, that wolf cannot be replaced. The Evil Wizard cannot communicate with the wolves across the barrier of death.

Hunter - Usual Hunter role

Ranger - Usual Ranger role except that unlike other Dead Thread games the Ranger cannot return from the dead. That function is fulfilled by the Visitor(s).

Visitor - The Visitor role is the role that can pass between the Living Thread and the Dead Thread. The Visitor is created by the Good Wizard. Once the Visitor enters the Dead Thread they remain there for a DAY/NIGHT cycle. Then they return to the Living Thread, assuming the game is still ongoing. This is not a Lover role. They are guaranteed to return if the game continues. The Visitor remains in the Living Thread and can vote for one DAY and then returns to the Dead Thread permanently.

I am not sure if the Good Wizard should be able to inadvertently make a wolf a Visitor or if there should be one or two Visitors.

Standard wolf pack in almost all respects except for how they are generated.

Winding Up
Those are the roles I have sketched out in my head at the present. Due to the powers of the Good Wizard I am skeptical of including a Seer in this game. It seems redundant and I think biases the game against the wolves too much.

The reason why I don't plan to allow reconversions, am keeping the number of picks limited in this game, and am allowing the Bad side to know each others identities is that I'm expecting this to be a rather low population game. These latter days we struggle to get many people to sign up for games and I want to make it workable for a smaller group. I'm not necessarily wedded to the specific numbers yet. I'm also not certain if there should be one or two Visitors. If there is the chance for the GW to pick a wolf as a Visitor then I think there needs to be two Visitors.

If we suddenly get a rush of sign ups and it looks like the population might be higher than I anticipate I might change some of the above.

Comments? Criticisms?

EDIT Forgot to mention that the Dead Thread will function the same way as the last Dead Thread game as far as vote empowerment etc.
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