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I'm not much of a one for RPing, mostly because I'm very bad at staying focussed. But I thought I'd at least consider contributing. (Also, hi! Welcome to the Downs.)

I gather that Barrowdowns RPing consists of long-form narrative writing, with the usual 'no godmodding' rules. It looks like they're fairly flexible on whether the game creator takes a heavy hand in keeping the story moving, or lets the players carry it at their own pace; I'm not sure whether the creator is expected to have a character in play.

I'd like to hear more about how you plan to play this. Given the fairly low rate of contribution on the Downs these days, are you expecting people to play multiple characters? And are the enemy characters expected to be players, or will you be masterminding the whole array of them?

I also see that you have elves present, and the logical route from Dale to the Shire would be by the Forest Road; are the elves going to be late-joiners who sign up in the Woodland Realm (and if so, will you be paying Thranduil's Halls a visit)?

And finally, the inevitable nitpick: by this time, Bard has sadly gone to the halls of his fathers, no doubt to incessantly pick on Girion for being unable to kill a single dragon. Bain is king in Dale by now.


PS: How do you feel about dwarf women? They canonically stayed mostly in their halls, but the fact that Erebor is made up of recent migrants from the Iron Hills and - especially - the Blue Mountains makes it not impossible that some might hitch a ride on the caravan to visit their kin in the west. Permissible or not? ~hS
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