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Every feature of his body slumped as Kara gracefully declined his offer. Erbrand’s heart was flying high, like a dove, on the wings of his hopes, but those hopes were broken and as a consequence his heart fell into the deep chasm of despair. Her refusal was not unexpected that terrible possibility of being shunned had haunted his thoughts ever since the idea came into his head to ask her, but he was not shunned, it was true that he had been refused his his desires but it was because Kara had already promised to race with Ginna, if only he had arrived sooner! It was useless to dwell on such thoughts, Kara made her choice and was gallant in her decline, the least he could do was to respect her choice.

"It, uh, it doesn't matter. I ... it was only a thought. Another time perhaps."

His words were not as graceful as Kara’s had been, Erbrand found himself almost forcing the words out of his mouth, his face grew red. No matter how he tried to accept the blow that fate had dealt him, he still found himself wanting to be with her. Erbrand forced a feeble smile to match Kara’s genuinely beautiful smile, he couldn’t hate her. His feet stumbled as he began to leave, finding himself still wanting to stay, but knowing that he must go.

“Erbrand, wait!” came a cry and he turned to see Ginna, he had barely noticed her standing next to Kara.

Ginna launched into an explanation, telling Kara and him that she would gladly give her place up to Erbrand. Kara tried to protest, but Ginna silenced her with assurances that she was happy to do it. Erbrand’s instinct was to decline Ginna’s noble gesture, but something held him back, he did not want to be pitied, his pride would not normally allow it, but this time he gladly cast it aside, he wanted desperately to have this chance with Kara and his luck had finally caught up with him. A smile slowly stretched across his face, his excitement and delight could barely be contained.

"Well then Erbrand," Kara spoke as she turned back to Erbrand with a beaming countenance, "if you still wish to race with me then I would be very glad to partner you."

“Wonderful,” he replied clapping his hands together in joy, every nerve in his body seemed to fidget with excitement, “I’m so happy.” He did his best to contain the rest of his words, fearing that he would make a fool of himself if spoke anything else. He rushed to Ginna and shook her hand gratefully and enthusiastically with a face that looked like it might explode with laughter.

“Thank you, thank you,” were the only words he found suitable for expressing himself, he rushed over to Kara hoping in someway to express the way that he felt, “I’m so glad!” were the only words that he could think of to say.

He was grinning from ear to ear, as he waved and joyfully ran back to the racing grounds, he felt as if a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Dan was walking to the racing grounds when Erbrand spotted him.

“Dan,” he hailed.

“There you are,” Dan replied smiling at Erbrand’s unusually mirthful attitude, “I’ve been looking for you.”

“Well you’ve found me now, come we can talk but first I need to warm up Traveller for the races.” He slapped Dan on the shoulder, “come on, I’ll race you to the horses!” He was off and running before Dan had a chance to reply, laughing all the way.
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