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There was crashing, banging, painful wailing, and commotion. Branor rolled over as the amount of noise was even enough to stir him awake. He was concentrating on the heavy pounding in his head until he felt a sharp pain in his shin. Branor grunted. Then another kick, almost in the same exact spot as the previous one, and Branor grunted again.

It was Therian. "Get up, Bran" with yet another kick.

"I am up, I'm up." grumbled Branor.

"No. You are still lying down and I can not lift you, now UP." another kick.

"You kick me again you better be well out of arms reach by the time I get up."

"So, you say you are still not up?" Branor knew then he made a mistake and talked himself into another kick from Therian. It wouldn't have been so bad had Therian not managed to hit nearly the exact same spot with every kick.

But Branor was finally awake and off the wagon. And Therian promised no more abuse unless upon Branor's request to get his senses back. Therian updated him that the commotion he heard was from Brinn injuring her ankle. They were debating on whether someone should take her to the healers or to bring a healer to her.

The brief rest had sobered Branor up for the most part, and thanks to Therian he had forgotten about the splitting headache for the time being. He saw a crowd huddled around Brinn and some seemed to be shock to find Branor was actually awake and no longer babbling nonsense about spies and filthy kings. "Now Brinn, if you needed me for rehearsals, you could have just splashed water on me, you did not have to go getting yourself injured!"

"You don't need a healer for that Brinn. Why, you remember the time when my knee popped out of place? And why I said, you would have to saw off my leg before I left the play?" For some reason, Brinn did not remember it happening as Branor described. "But then Rollan just set everything back in place, grabbed two poles, some bandages and made a nifty splint for me? A healer aint gonna be able to do much more for ya, whether it's broken or sprained. I am sure Amdir's got some spare pieces of wood from the set, and Rollan can do the same thing for you in no time, or perhaps use one of the staves for a crutch. No sense in wasting time going to the healers."

Branor looked to Rollan, or Aldarion to find out if they agreed. A healer would not be able to immediately fix up Brinn's ankle. Better to just get it wrapped up in a home-made splint and continue with rehearsals.
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