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The rehearsal was not going well. Branor was now relatively sober, but he still insisted on playing King Elessar in the light of what he now claimed to know about him; that is, as a sinister, disreputable figure given to cryptic mutterings and to slinking around in the background of scenes, including those in which his character was not actually supposed to be present. This last became too much to ignore in the climatic love scene between Mary the Elf and Boromir.

"Boromir, on either road I shall go with you and our doom shall be– no!" Asta cried, pulling out of Aldarion's embrace. "No, I can't do this! Not with him staring at us the whole time. –Branor," she appealed to the actor, who was currently peering from behind one of the artificial trees, "can't you see you're spoiling the atmosphere? This is supposed to be a tender romantic moment!"

Branor airily told them to carry on, as Strider the Spy was just gathering intelligence as usual.

"Oh, how I wish we had sawed your leg off when we had the chance!" said Asta.

Coldan gave her an astonished look which surprised her in turn. She had thought it no secret that she found Branor annoying; at least, no secret to anyone except Branor himself, for whom the idea that any girl could not be in love with him was quite beyond his mental horizon.

Asta marched over to where her injured sister sat, talking to Rollan.

"We'll have to send people out to learn more of the true course of events--or at least, what people here are likely to believe," Brinn was saying. "But I don't trust everyone to report things accurately. Perhaps we should have them ask about in pairs?"

"Whatever we do, we'd better do it sooner rather than later," said Asta. "At least we need to clear up this nonsense Branor has somehow got into his head about the King Elessar! Imagine if the King really does attend? Why, we'll find ourselves clapped in irons and thrown in a dungeon. Or," she added, her imagination running wild under the influence of the historical epics Aldarion was always trying to foist on the troupe, "or maybe– maybe they'll cast us off that rock up in the Citadel!" She had no idea what the penalty was for slandering Gondor's ruler so badly, but it had to be something fairly spectacular.
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