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"Sooner rather than later, I agree," said Brinn. "But let's sleep on all this first before our imaginations get away from us." The sun was getting lower, but still hadn't set yet. The rehearsal was sputtering to a halt.

"But first thing tomorrow, let's set out in pairs to discover the truth of the matter. Not me, unfortunately, but someone should stay to guard the carts anyhow.

"Therian and Branor, see what you can learn about the pheriannath--all of them. Harrenon and Coldan, why don't you do the same thing about the men of Gondor--also, all of them." She hoped that was sufficient code language for "the King" without getting Branor's ire up--she'd have to speak to one of them later to make sure they knew. "Asta, look after Sereth for me, and both of you, see what else you can learn of the marvels and the villains--we may have to ditch the Sorceress, but I'd rather not ditch her woods after all the work you've put into them. Rollan, love, why don't you go with Aldarion, and learn whatever you can of--" she paused in thought "--any of the characters I haven't already mentioned?"

"Amdir, I don't think we can spare you, since those sets take time, plus I really should keep off my feet as much as possible. But anyone who needs advice for the City should talk to him."

"That doesn't seem entirely fair!" said Rollan. "Why don't I get to stay behind and cosset you?"

"You don't know the sets, Rollan," said Brinn, a little more harshly than she meant it. "And I can take care of myself perfectly well, as long as someone brings me my meals--which you can do for breakfast and the daymeal. At any rate, you have all day today to pamper me, and plenty of time once this whole thing has blown over. Till then..." she grimaced and squeezed his hand. "We'll all have to work hard if we want to pull this off.

"And remember, if you find something that we've done right, well, that's one less thing we have to change."

So saying, Brinn--warily--stood up, her husband supporting her. Taking a few deep breaths, she told herself that they could--and would--make this work.
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