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the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.the phantom is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
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Did he say "Master of Revels"? Aldarion rose from his desk and stuck his head out of his window. By the arched entrance to the courtyard he could see several horses topped with armored men. Soldiers! By the Valar- I hope this has nothing to do with Branor!

Soon after he had retired to his room the previous night Aldarion had heard the window in the room next to him grind open. Curious as to what Branor was up to, Aldarion had peeked and caught a glimpse of Branor slipping out, dressed all in black, sneaking from tree to tree. So- gathering his information in the style of the new spy-king, eh? We'll see how this ends.

Aldarion's mind immediately recalled that moment, and he berated himself. Why didn't you stop him, or go after him? You should've known something awful would happen. He probably tried to sneak into the seventh circle and got caught attempting to climb in the Queen's window! The King probably thinks we're spies!

For a moment Aldarion considered checking on the other players, but there was little hope that the entire troop could evade arrest if it came down to it, and Aldarion felt he could be of more use out of prison than in it, as he was more likely than the others to be able to forge useful contacts in the city, or if need be he could travel back to Dol Amroth and explain the situation to the Prince.

Aldarion rushed to his door and sprinted down the hall as silently as he could towards the common room. There was a low fire burning in the fireplace, a couple tables of breakfasting travelers, and a man asleep in a padded chair by the fire. Aldarion lowered himself into a chair next to the sleeping man and turned it slightly so that he could see the doorway to the hall. If the soldiers go to our rooms, I will see them pass by.

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