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Purely Frivolous Speculation: The Lord of the Rings ('75) - What if?

Suppose that a Live-Action production of The Lord of the Rings (or The Hobbit) had been done in 1974 - 1979.

Who do you suppose would have been cast in the various roles?

Would they have made the Elves and Aragorn look like the guy on the packaging for Brawny Towels (Hairy-chested, with side-burns)?

Think Sean Connery in Zardoz.

Could Connery have been a decent choice for Aragorn, Boromir, or Denethor?

I am guessing they would have gone with someone like Roddy McDowell for Elrond or Legolas (because they still thought Elf = Short at that time).

How big would the hair on the women be?

Stevie Nicks or Linda Ronstadt as Arwen? Or maybe Valerie Bertenelli, as a "New face?"

Probably one of Charlie's Angels as Éowyn (Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, Jaclyn Smith, or Kate Jackson - I think there were two more in the final seasons. I never was too into TV in the 1970s, So I only remember them from having learned about them in the 1980s).

Hey! And we STILL could have had Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee as Gandalf and Saruman!


• Brian Blessed as Théoden.
• Oliver Reed as Aragorn (Connery would be a better Boromir).
• Michael Caine as Faramir.
• Peter Cushing as Denethor.


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