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updated stats for Elempi

Games I was in: IV, VI, VII, VIII, XII, XIII, XVIII, WWJ5, XIX

Number of games: 9
Modded: 0
Ordinary Villager: 5
Werewolf Hunter: 0
Ranger: 1
Shirriff: 1
Cobbler: 0
Werewolf: 1
Seer: 1

As Seer:
# of known innocents given to ordos: 4 (including self)
# of werewolves dreamed: 1
# of dream choices killed same Night: 1

On winning team: 5 of 9
On losing tem: 4 of 9
Survived to end: 1
Lynched: 1 (as a werewolf)
Killed by Wolves/Heroes: 6

Funny, some people say they don't ever want to be seer again. I had more fun as seer than anything.

Speaking of which, fill in the blank:

"I don't ever want to be _____________ again, because ____________."

The curious want to know....
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