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Welcome Scattergold, [and nice to see you pop in Durelen!] sorry if we are starting to seem prissy with all of the ever increasing list of requirements, but that really is the nature of unpaid anddermanned and underorganized projects of this nature, especially once you finally start to actually get somewhere!

So just to make it all crystal clear to everyone:
  • Anyone is free to come and lurk and observe.
  • We will not stop non-members from making occasional comments, especially in this thread. If you really have something to say but know you can not or wish not to be a regular member, speak up. We have had a few good ideas this way in the past .
  • If you do wish to join, you really must have done the following before even bothering to speak or post about joining: A) have read the Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales with understanding 2 to 3 times and read all of the threads in this forum marked with the ** at the begining and end ot the thread title.

If you do not do this you will risk looking so incompetent to deal with the small things that we will likely not feel inclined to entrust you with membership.

We really do not have time [ at least I don't and no one else has volunteered] to hold anyone's hands through the begining stages of what we have already done.

I know some of it is difficult going and in all honesty that is just the nature of it, it is not going to change [ at least not for more than a moment or 2]. This project makes the HoME footnotes seem like easy reading. Although God willing we will finish FoG someday and start anew on other texts, maybe from the Ainulindale and work on. So that would be a logical place to jump on if interested but not feeling up to FoG [ and believe me I understand that sentiment well!]

I truly do not want to discourage anyone who is ready to join in, but I have less and less time for this project even as I have more and more I want to do with it, so parsing newcomers is going to need to fall to someonelse entirely I think. Members feel free to respond on the private forum general thread for any ideas!]

So hopefully this clears any remaining fog from the project membership process.

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