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Of course, lindil, the legendarium (F1) takes precedence being the most time consuming and important. That's why there's little of the Translator in JRRT's original writing. Hopefully TftE won't get bogged down by the weight of it too. From what I can see, and to be doubly cheesy, this project is like fighting the long defeat but there's always hope.

I meant it very broadly when I said "glossed over". Afterall, I can't see everything you've done. Specifically it was in regards to the Translator, only because without him F1 can't exist IMO. I feel like this is one of the reasons people feel hobbit-cheated with the Silm. Without the Translator to drive the point home that Bilbo made the whole thing possible it's almost forgotten. Obviously TftE as a title aknowledges that. I only mentioned it because I didn't see any plans for a Prologue of any type.

Aiwendil, I'm glad I got to see some more of the thought process behind it all. The shorthand of it: I think the two theories are on the same page.

If you want, PM the password this way and I'll be happy to lend some more opinions in line with the TftE aesthetic.
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