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Originally Posted by JennyHallu
No I think Skittles has a dead robot doppelganger.

I want to know how she suddenly got in off the beach...both selves.
Human Skittles switched with her robot when she went into room to change into the bikini. She didn't actually change clothes, she just sent her robot out to make people think they knew where she was, whilst she did various sneaky things, including putting itching powder into Anakron's trunk.

And what, you don't think Robot Skittles had plenty of time to go surfing and come back in time to listen to most of Anakron and Panakeia's conversation?

Actually, I need you to choose another orc to destroy. I need Lugnut, who would not be doing what you have him doing here. Of course, if you really do insist on using him, maybe the conveyances are going to get a little more powerful....
Geez, all this over a dead Orc. Okay, I'll do something.
All shall be rather fond of me and suffer from mild depression.
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