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Hookbill, I'd like to preface this by saying that I love your character and I love your writing. Still, I have a bit of an issue that needs addressing.

Some of you know, some of you don't: I'm in control of Heren's Roggie account. He was slated to write Roggie himself, but he went and became a father on me (and what a cute baby, I might add, and a beautiful wife, so no wonder he has less time now... ) and so offered me the loan for the duration of the game.

That said, I have a very set character description of Roggie being misunderstood, not cruel or self-absorbed. He was a slave to Morgoth back in the day and as soon as he could escape, he did. He has a reputation, but it's unwarranted. Roggie of Morgoth is an actor and only accepted this country into his control because Mardil convinced him that any other would take it for self-advancement and the people would suffer.

Roggie has a temper, but he would not kick a dwarf and laugh, nor would he punch him in the face.

He will threaten anybody that gets near him, but Roggie's bark is far more potent than his bite, if you follow. He's a huge pacifist, regardless of his decision to make Skittles his chief war advisor.

Please, keep up the fantastic writing. It consistently makes me laugh aloud. But try not to take too many liberties with my character or soon I'll not recognize him. The whole reason I'm so fond of him is that Roggie is not a stereotypical Balrog.
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