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Groin Redbeard is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Groin Redbeard is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
All the sounds of battle had faded from his ears, a pain he never experienced before was searing through his left arm. For a moment he forgot where he was and what was happening around him, all that mattered was his vengeance which he would unleash upon the beast that he had slain. Gorin could hear his own breaths exiting from his open mouth in heavy gasps, like a relentless bellows that could not stop as he walked toward the limp Warg. His heart beat fast from his adrenaline of battle, which had not yet subsided, as he approached the Warg. Hot tears streamed down his face and rolled on his beard when he stopped stood over the carcass of his foe.

Without any warning or sign, the dormant Warg sprang back to life, to the complete amazement and bewilderment of Gorin. It was weaker and less tenacious than it had been in their previous struggle, but it still had the strength to fight to the death with the dwarf's axe still embedded in it's throat. Gorin's short axe was of little use to him as he hacked, kicked, punched, and lunged at the monstrous animal with as much energy as he could muster. Gorin ducked under the Warg's swiping paw and dealt a blow to it's hind leg with his small axe; the Warg howled in pain. It retaliated chomping his hand that held the axe, but the dwarf pulled it out of the way and the Warg tore his sleeve off. It growled and came back at him, but this time Gorin wasn't fast enough and a mouth of sharp teeth clamped down on his other hand. The pain was excruciating and with a yell of pain and anger he drove his elbow of his good arm into the Warg's eye causing it to back off but not before it took the dwarf's hand with him.

Gorin prepared to die as they both backed off for a final charge at each other. He stumbled to the ground on on one knee, finally overtaken by the grievous situation of his wounds. No, I will die proudly today! With the last effort of will he stood straight and proud, laughing at the Warg's futile fighting. Soon he would be killed and the beast succumb to it's wounds, which were many. It was then that the Warg yelped in pain and thrashed about. It was Leanora, brave Lea, who had rushed to her brothers side and was shooting as fast as she could at the her brothers attacker. The arrows flew fast and wildly at the Warg, not piercing deep but stinging like a swarm of bees at an oppressor that had just riled them. The Warg limped as fast as he could away from the clearing for the cover of the forest, but just before he disappeared into the brush Gorin axe struck him in the shoulder, a mighty hit that would have felled lesser things.

They battle was won! Two dead wargs lay dead by Erling and Sam, and with their leader soon to be dead the threat of a returning terror was over. Gorin doubled over in pain when he saw his left hand missing. He tore of some of his garment and wrapped it tightly around the wound, which was bleeding profusely. Erling and Sam gave three loud cheers as Ash stood up with the help of Lea, his wound to his shoulder would need to be bound up and his arm was broken, but he would live to recant his tale to the town council. It was then that Gorin saw Kuric's body again, laying there so cold and still. He stumbled over to his side and fell on his knees.

"Brave, foolish Kuric," he said through his watery eyes, "Your valor shall not be forgotten, nor what you have done here. Alas that I should see the death of one of my own! Our people our few and the loss of one so noble is one that we can ill afford, for he fought like a hero of old where they would sing of your deed. But who will sing of you now, who will remember the brave deeds of Kuric." Sobs shook his body and his tears poured down like rain. "Goodbye, Kuric Spearhead. A good friend you were to me, for that short while!" Then Gorin clasped his friends hand in his own and wept bitterly over his body.

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