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Orin's cry made Erling start. What was happening now? Was it not over, after all? Was there more to come, more batles, more blood, more death? He looked at Lea and Ash and saw that they could not possibly go and see what had happened to their brother.

"I'll go." he assured them, and sped through the darkness of the forest towards where he had heard Orin's cry. Suddenly he bumped into Orin himself who was running from the opposite direction. The boy looked terrified. "More Wargs, then." Erling thought, biting his lips. But it was not that.

"Parkun..."Orin gasped, pointing to the forest behind him. "Lying over there... Dead, I think..."

Erling nodded urgently and dashed forward. Perhaps he was not dead yet. Perhaps he could be saved somehow. He had to see. But when he finally caught sight of Parkun he realised he had been wrong. He was not dead yet, but he was surely dying. There was nothing anyone could do for him.

Erling kneeled beside Parkun and saw a flicker of recognition in the dying man's eyes. "Don't try to talk." he told him quickly. "It's..." But he could not go on. It was wrong, he thought, telling someone who was about to die that it was going to be alright when they could easily see it was not true. But he had to comfort him somehow. No man deserved to die without comfort. True, Parkun had abandoned Toby to the Wargs, and had ran off while they had been fighting, but he still did not deserve to die without comfort, without hearing one last kind word. Erling took Kun's hand in his, determined to stay with him until it was over. "Don't worry." he told him. "I'll stay with you. I...I'll see you through this."
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