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The night was pierced by a high-pitched scream. Lea and Ash glanced at each other in terror. It was Orin!

"I'll go," Erling said instantly and rushed away. "Thank you," Lea shouted after him, but she doubted he heard it. She was staring after him, hoping to see her little brother. Suddenly Ash twisted beside her. "Are you alright?" she asked anxiously. He mumbled something that sounded like "yes" and started leaning on her more heavily. His breath was very heavy too.

Lea stroke his hair. It was dirty and there was blood on it. Ash's blood or the warg's blood, Lea didn't know. Ash had quickly bound his wounds himself - Lea wondered where he had found the strentgh to do it - and would not let her look at them. She would have wanted to, but she knew that once they were bound it would be foolish for anyone else but a professional healer to finger them. So she had to be satisfied with just sitting by his side and stroking his hair.

"Lea? Do you mind if I... sleep?"
"No, not at all."
He closed his eyes and instead of falling asleep, he let go of his consciousness. His sister wasn't scared by it. She could feel his heartbeat, he was most definitely alive. She knew he had been fighting this weakness for long just not to worry her too much. "Sleep well, my dear," she whispered and moved him so that he was laying on her lap.

When Ash wasn't there anymore to occupy her mind, she got worried about Orin again. She tried not to think of what kind of horrible things might have happened to him. He was probably just a little scared by something and Erling would find him.

"You have saved my life, Lea. I will never forget you or you kin, I am indebted to you for life." Lea looked up in surprise to see Gorin. He kissed her hand gently, said something in his own tongue and continued then in common speech:
"Tonight has been a strange one. By chance it was that I met your company, yet I think it was for the best so that Kuric may not die alone." He looked back at cloak that covered his friend. "Alas, his was the most costly sacrifice that he could offer on the altar of justice."

She could not think of a reply. She was deeply moved by the Dwarf's words, he had not known that Dwarves could be like that. She had always considered them rather brusque and unlikable, but this Gorin was a gentle man with a brave spirit.

She reached out to touch his hand lightly. "Your friend was a very courageous man. He saved us all tonight. His spirit has found its peace now."

With those words, her eyes wandered to the other unmoving figure laying on the forest clearing. Toby Mugwort looked pale and his face was possessed by unnatural calm. Lea thought he must be dead, after all. As if to confirm her assumption, Sam Tunnelly, who had been standing by Toby's side, knelt down and closed his eyes. Then the Hobbit walked slowly to the others. He did not say a word, nor did Lea or Gorin.

When he dashed from the woods, Orin did not say a word either. His face was pale and stained with tears. Lea opened her arms and the boy ran to her. She hugged her crying brother tightly.

After a moment, Orin started talking. "I saw Parkun in the woods. He is dead." The boy's tone was calm, almost devoid of feelings. Lea knew he was afraid he'd start crying again.

"You're a brave boy," Gorin said quietly.
Sam nodded gravely. "And these sad tidings must be brought to Bree as soon as Erling returns. Where is he, by the way?"
"He went to see Parkun," Orin said, still shaking a little.
"So I supposed," Sam replied. "And also, we must take your brother to the village too."
Orin's face truned paler than it had been, if it was even possible. He looked at Lea, immeasurable anguish on his face.
"Is he..."
"No," she said. "He's not. You can try and feel his heartbeat."

Slowly, relievement filled the boy's face. He did start crying again, but no one thought any less of him because of that.
"He's going to be alright," Lea said, smiling at Orin. "We're all going to be alright now."
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