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Originally Posted by Imladris
Aaaack details will be the death of me, which I hope can be excused once more if one considers that my head is already muddled with the conjugation of German verbs, fear and dread of sundry tests, work, and...Huckleberries.

But I shall edit sofort!
Sehr schon, meine freunde. Ich bin ..... Ich bin.... "happy". I forget-- How do you say "Happy" auf deutsch??? And note the missing unlauts. Sigh. It's been thirty years or so. Anyway your post is lovely and you handled the transition to horseback with aplomb.

What about huckleberries? They're good by the handful, also on cereal.

lmp, good to see Raefindan again.

The dreams-- I was imagining a bit of a replay of Mellondu's original departure. Some dreams/nightmares, a bit of a fever, a sudden departure in an unexpected direction... the difference being that the other two ladies follow immediately. Bella and Leafa still have horses; perhaps Mellonin can steal one-- heh! that'd wake up the city.

Who wants the first dream? I vote for levelheaded Bella-- Mellonin's already being a bit flaky & emotional. Shall we go for all three dreaming, or two? It's a tapestry, after all. Golly, that would be fun. One dreams as Mithrellas, one dreams as Nimrodel... the third dreams as who? Or of whom? Maybe she dreams of Saethryd somehow?

How about the one dreaming of Nimrodel is the one who departs (precipitously) the one dreaming as Mithrellas follows her intently; the third is simply chasing?

...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.

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