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"Indil? Angela?"

"Yes, it's me. You took your time getting here."

Roy was at a loss for words. His mouth worked but his tongue would not cooperate. Indil laughed with the richness of expression he remembered from Angela. Roy was dumbfounded. Finally he managed two words.

"But - how?!?"

"Call it a special grace," Indil replied, looking up at him from a child's eyes that were beyond their years in understanding and wisdom. The voice was that of a child's, but the words were all Angela. "It's not the first time, and it won't be the last."

"But - why?!?"

Indil turned and looked up at Mithrellas, and raised her arm in a gesture of inclusion. "For her!" Mithrellas smiled. Then Indil looked over to the pool. "And them!"

Mellondu and Erebemlin were on their knees by the side of the pool. Mellondu lay on the ground nearby, Ravion kneeling over her, holding her hand lovingly. Just a little way back, Bergil, Ędegard, Leafa, Liornung, Bella, and Nethwador stood looking by turns bemused, wistful, intense, and longingly at Mellondu and Erebemlin. Almost out of eyeshot stood Tharonwe, his face taut and malicious, watching the two as well. Mithrellas spoke.

"Let us go to them, for they are trying to revive Nimrodel. They will need our aid."

"Hold my hand!" Indil said, and this time it sounded completely like her, as if Angela had gone away. Roy looked in her eyes, and believed that he saw Angela there yet. The three approached the pool hand in hand, Indil in the middle.
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