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Erbrand led Dan to the spot where he was watching the intruder. Dan followed silently, giving Erbrand enough time to describe the intruder’s looks and clothing.

“Which way did he go?” Dan asked at length.

“Straight towards the other end of the marsh,” responded Erbrand pointing with his hand in the direction that he saw the man flee. “I’m sure your search will not be in vain, Dan. That man looked awfully curious about our camp, and I don’t think he’s cured of it just yet. My guess is that he’s hiding somewhere amongst the brambles and bushes on the other side.” Dan’s face looked grim and determined, measuring and scoping the landscape in front of them.

“Do you think that you will need further assistance in this matter Dan? I’ll be happy to travel with you until we catch this man, but if you have no need of me I'll not bother you and I’ll go assign myself to joining the hunting party.” Dan stared ahead for a few moments seeming to take no notice of Erbrand, but he didn’t mind. Whatever Dan’s decision would be Erbrand didn’t care; either job would suit him just fine.
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