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Weeeell...I was going to post, but Gwath got there first and I now really don't have anything of interest to write. I may tomorrow, if there is the slim chance that I have any time.

If I do not have time tomorrow, then I must bid you all farewell tonight. I am leaving tomorrow morning sometime to begin my summer working at a camp. I will not return home again until June 6, and whether or not I will have any chance of checking the BD while at camp, I do not know. On the 6th, I doubt I'll have much time, though, because I'm probably taking off immediately for out of town...

Anyway, excepting the next two weeks in which I do not get the weekend off, I will be back every weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. This will last until the third week into July. So...until then, don't really expect me to post much during the week because, quite frankly, I won't.

I'll try hard to post for Javan before leaving tomorrow.

-- Folwren
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