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Originally Posted by Elempi
Back on the old Eorling Mead Hall rpg thread, Nerindel posted for Matrim and I think also for Balvir. Go to Members List (just at the top of this "page" next to "User CP" and "FAQ"), and find Nerindel, then choose to look at all posts by her; that's probably the easiest way to find it.
Sorry I haven't noticed this before, but there's an easier way. (And a lot of good this will do, now Groin had already posted , but I'll say it anyway for future reference.) Click on the number of replies to the EMH thread, that's a link to the members who have posted to the thread. Look for Nerindel and click on the number of posts next to her name, that's a link to all her posts to the thread.

Originally Posted by Elempi
Whoa! Now there's an unexpected twist! You realize, of course, Lhuna (of course you do ), that Harreld could infer at least three different implications out of her words: 1, that she likes his company, 2, that she wishes to spend time with him, and 3, that she's willing to be courted after all. "If you will have me" indeed!

I shall have to ponder Harreld's thoughts and reply before I post.
I did realise that, and I can't wait to see where this goes! Truth be told, Ginna herself isn't sure what she really wants to happen; she's too focused on the present to give any thought to the future.
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