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"Or do they simply not deign to share their suspicions with you?" asked Scyld, a smirk on his face.

Rowenna could not help grinning. He was flirting, in his own way. She was beginning to enjoy herself very much. Not that she meant anything in the least to develop with this man, other than friendship based on commonality. She had her hopes set higher, much higher. But for now she could enjoy this play for what it was. She was sauntering more strongly, her hips swinging easily with the load of meat under her arm.

"Oh, no one needs to share their thought with me. I can read people like a book. You, for example, are full of talk that turns others' attention away from you to them, just as you did to me this moment. And then there's Harreld the smith. He is grievously taken with that tramp of a girl Ginna, but she has no notion what to do about it. Then there's Crabannan who makes as if he is so ready to fight but what he really wants is some companionship, and for fear of other men picks a boy to be his best friend. Well, Master Nydfara, what think you of my skill?"

She looked him full in the face with the biggest smile she had as they approached the baker.
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