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Javan didn’t like being snuck up on. Not at all! Especially when whoever it was would have witnessed this complete lack of control and safety. He was disgusted with himself and with Cnebba and Garmund.

But Erbrand did not seem worried at all by what he had just witnessed. He seemed a little disconcerted about Javan’s sharp, accusing look, and even apologized for coming unannounced. But he quickly went on into a new strain of speech. “You have taught them well! Skilled hands such as those will prove well in the contest today. It is clear that lord Eodwine was not mistaken in choosing you for this task.”

“Well,” said Javan, in embarrassed modesty. He didn’t know whether it would be proper to smile while receiving such praise, so instead he tried to keep his face straight, ending only with a comical looking grimace. “Well, they’re not as good yet as they could be.” Nevertheless, his eye sparkled as he looked at Garmund and Cnebba riding slowly up to them. “What’s this about a contest, though?”

Erbrand told them, for by now all three boys were sitting near him. By the time he had finished describing the games to be played, all three of them had bright looks on their faces.

“Go and fetch your arrows, lads!” Javan cried. “We’ve got to go mark our places in the games before all the grown ups fill the lists!”
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