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Nimrodel saw the dog, and stopped throwing the ash. "Mischief. Good hound! Are you thirsty? The stream is near. "

Indil laughed, and met Nimrodel's eyes, and Nimrodel saw her. Nimrodel leaped to her feet. "The girl! Are you the girl? Know ye the stream's song? You are singing now! Let me hear you!"

She ran forward after Indil, who ran between Aeron and Gwyllion and Nimrodel, dodging Jorge. Jorje yipped and bayed, and Gwyllion and Aeron giggled and whooped. Nimrodel's laughter rippled, now cold as starlight, now warm as sunlight; her tangled hair flew in the breeze, and she playfully tried to catch Indil's hands, listening to every note that Indil sang.

The blacksmith stroked the grey hair of the stooped and wizened crone, and watched her face twitch and brighten, and her withered lips move. She smiled, a faded and dry smile; her eyes blinked open and shut, and her hands began to twitch and reach for the child that she could see better in her mind than with her fleshly eyes.

But the smiles were real. The blacksmith leaned closer to her, kissed her brow, and watched her. His skin was red with fever, and his brow glistened.

Erebemlin watched the lithe elf-maiden dancing with the little man-child, and their glee blended in a rippling laughter, sweeter and sweeter to hear. Joy, sweet joy, began to fill the dell; the laughter spread from child to all the maidens, from maidens to warriors, till the only face not bright with laughter belonged to the dark elf.

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