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Silmaril Tapestry waking up


OK, this snapped into focus this morning whle I was riding my bike to the bus stop......

Your objection to having Mellondu at the mouths of the Entwash is correct. You are right: He's dreaming, not teleporting. Roger that! (Eh, and everyone else was dreaming, too. More or less. While they were wide awake.)

Anyway: Mellondu will be found downstream **from the glade**, pretty far below the modestly-sized waterfall. I'll write that soon. Jorje being still at Marigold's was a dream too: he will show up downstream, in the lowlands well below Mellondu, with the works of all his labor. With Marigold's guidance, He rounded up all the horses-- Good Dog!-- and led them east, then past Minas Tirith, then south, and then westward toward the glade. He's been waiting with them downstream. We can either make do in the story with the previous sentence, or, have a little fun with it-- your call.

So they will all journey east and then north together, and perhaps some will remain at Minas Tirith, some will go to Rohan, and some to Marigold's and beyond to Lothlorien.

What would you like to do with the nasssty dark elf Tharonwe?
...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.
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