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So lively had been the celebrating during the evening that none noticed the gradual withdrawal of two persons. Merisuwyniel and Gravlox conversed in low tones, for though they had seen each other in the fray of battle and during the tempestuous events that followed, they had not had opportunity to speak with one another privately. There was much to relate, for each wanted to know what the other had experienced during their separation, yet they felt a bit hesitant after such a long time. Had their love survived despite all that had happened?

Merisu gazed at Gravlox shyly; after she had seen his orcish face for so long in her memory and her dreams, it was strange to behold the handsome Elf that stood before her. Not that she objected, of course, but she felt some slight uncertainty when they were alone. He smiled at her, and his eyes reassured her with their familiar warmth. Then he moved closer to her and gathered her into his arms, reassuring her that he was truly risen from the dead. His hands caressed the soft material of her sleeves reassuringly (yes, she was wearing her beautiful Topfloorien gown, the one with the blue diaphanous material, embroidered as with stars), then moved to warm her back, which was covered with too little fabric to ward off the evening chill.

After a time, it seemed to be a good idea to find a more comfortable position for further, umm, reassuring words. Then words ceased and the curtain of darkness covered their own personal version of reunification.

Much, much later Merisu murmured, “Darling, do you think we should make that a double wedding tomorrow?”

“Not necessary,” Gravlox answered. “I had time to take a course in ‘Elven customs and laws’ while staying at Mantoes’ halls, and we Elves marry by simply, well, consummating our union. So we’ve actually been married a long time.”

“But what about your first marriage?” she asked, puzzled by the legal complications of his changed identity.

“Well, she divOrced me, so I was single again, then died, so I was a widower. Then we were together before I died, so I think that would constitute a marriage,” he went on.

“Then I was a widow all this time?” Merisu gasped. “Why, I should have been wearing mourning!”

“I’m sure black would have looked fetching on you, my dear,” he answered gallantly, “but it would be a shame to see you so somber. You look loveliest the way you are right now.”

She blushed, for her attire was rather scant at that moment. Or perhaps the rose that tinted her cheeks so becomingly was due to the rising of the sun.

“At any rate,” Gravlox chuckled, “there’s no doubt of our Elven marital status after this night! Now we should consider whether we wish to have a family.”

Merisu blushed again. “Not necessary,” she whispered. “We already are...”

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