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Huinesoron is a guest at the Prancing Pony.Huinesoron is a guest at the Prancing Pony.
I love the puns! Especial shoutout to Oddwen for Little Miss Muffoot and sally for Mount Shroom.

I'm amused (and bewildered) that two separate people included a 404 error in their pictures, and I am in awe of Lommy's Queen (is she meant to be Beruthiel?).

Oh, and I'm delighted with how long the mushrooms lasted. Obviously I would never admit to making a mistake (such as originally drawing corn, then misremembering the sentence and going 'but Lobelia would definitely be farming mushrooms instead'), so I have to insist that they're actually exceptionally modified wheat...


PS: I'm absolutely up to play another round. ^_^
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