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As Haleth finished answering the question of one of his men and was turning back to Eodwine, he overheard the comment of the one speaking to Eodwine, I think that it would be a good idea not to rile anyone up before we have any evidence against them.

An excellent point, put in Haleth. I doubt we would accomplish much by knocking on peoples doors and asking about a kidnapping. Those innocent would probably be annoyed, to say the least, and the guilty one would almost undoubtedly lie. Rather, I think it would be better to send some men out into the city to ask some subtle questions. Perhaps you, Eodwine, and your two men here would be one of those search parties? You'd probably attract less attention than armed guards... Try to find out if any of these men have been in the city recently, I suppose, and anything else you might be able to find out - use your discretion.

I suppose that will be all for now if none of this works, Im about out of ideas. If you come up with any, Id be happy to hear them. If anything interesting turns up, Ill be in touch.

Very well, responded Eodwine, and with that, Haleth set off to find a few more men to send out into the city. The queen was counting on him but how did one go about finding a kidnapper? It would be luck indeed if anything turned up

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